Keira Rakestraw

Executive Director

I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland and quickly realized that the public school classroom was not for me.  Instead, I immediately went to work as an Assistant in a Montessori Preschool classroom.  It was then that I fell in love with the Montessori philosophy and all the approach has to offer.  I continued working at a school for 20 years where I grew into an Assistant Director position and finally a Director’s position for the last 6 years of my time there.  After taking a few years off to be with my family I returned to work in a traditional Preschool setting, however, my heart was telling me to go back to Montessori.  
I have the 45 hour Infant Toddler certification, the 90 hour Preschool certification and the 45 hour School Age certification along with Medication Administration, First Aid and CPR, Emergency Preparedness and an extensive list of Continuing Education courses.
I love seeing what an exceptional Montessori Education can provide to young children and have witnessed it first hand with my own kids.  I believe the Montessori approach fosters a lifelong love of learning in children and sets the foundation for developing warm, compassionate, well-rounded human beings.
My favorite part of my job is seeing those “aha moments” when I step into a classroom.  There is truly something special about being able to see the light in a child’s eyes when they realize, “I did it!”