Social Distancing with Social Development

One of the most important reasons for children attending school in person is the opportunity for social-emotional learning with peers. This is why we are taking extra steps to enable children to enjoy the benefits of social interaction and development while minimizing the risk of exposure to COVID-19. To accomplish this aim, we are doing the following: Limiting classroom occupancy as determined by state guidelines Maintaining children within one group for the duration of the school term Limiting capacity on playgrounds for social distancing Ensuring that all seating and playground areas are sanitized before a new group of children use them Preventing family-style eating and food-sharingThat’s why we’re exceeding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 guidelines to safeguard our school during the coronavirus pandemic. To create the most effective safety protocols, we have consulted with the CDC, Johns Hopkins University and several infectious disease pediatricians. We have also trained our staff members in sanitation and public health safety procedures recommended by top experts.

Pick-up Drop-off Procedures

Curbside Checkin and Checkout

Currently we are not allowing parents to enter into the building during the drop off and pickup time. Instead we are doing a curbside check-in and check-out to avoid contact surfaces. We have several restrictions on entry into our facilities that apply to everyone, including children and staff members. Anyone that has been in close contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, or traveled internationally or domestically to any area which is the subject of travel restrictions under applicable state and local guidance must remain out of the school for 14-days after the last potential exposure.

After 14-days, individuals may return based upon meeting all the following criteria: 10-days have passed since any household member first experienced symptoms Any household member that was experiencing symptoms, has shown improvement All household members have been fever-free for at least 72-hours without the use of fever-reducing medication

Masks and Temperature Checks

Daily Temperature Checks at Pickup

Each day, we enforce the following restrictions before entry into our school is allowed: All individuals must participate in a temperature and health check Drop-off and pick-up of children is limited to the main lobby or outside the school Children and teachers are required to wash their hands upon entering and before exiting their classrooms Staff adheres to CDC guidelines on mask usage Children 3 years of age and older are encouraged to wear masks during their attendance If any child shows cold or flu symptoms, we immediately separate them from other children and call their parents to take them home

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Following CDC guidelines

Each school day, all surfaces and play areas are sprayed with an EPA-approved solution that eliminates the coronavirus within four minutes. At the end of each school day, a professional cleaning company services our school. In addition, staff members are also required to frequently clean and sanitize high-touch areas and other surfaces and objects throughout the day, as well as objects that children touch after every use. After each use, toys are put in a separate container marked for “soiled toys” to prevent cross-contamination between children Toys and learning materials are cleaned and sanitized after every use with an EPA-approved disinfectant Cloth toys are limited to one child and washed after every use Any toys or learning materials that a child puts into his or her mouth is immediately set aside to be cleaned To make these precautions possible without lessening the child’s school experience, we are providing many toys and learning materials so that there will always be enough, despite the rules to limit use All our schools are well stocked on hand soap, and utilize touchless hand sanitizing stations located at the main entrance Children are guided by our teachers to ensure that they thoroughly wash their hands, multiple times per day; and refrain from touching their eyes, nose and mouth

Improved Air Quality

High Quality HVAC Systems

We have taken several steps to enhance the air quality inside our schools. This includes enhanced air filtration using higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) filters, and maintaining temperature and humidity levels by running our HVAC systems 24/7. We are committed to keeping our indoor air quality safe and healthy at all times. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a high-quality HVAC system, combined with other best practices recommended by the CDC, can help prevent the spread of COVID 19

Before Care and Aftercare

Enrichment Program for before and after the school

This program is aimed at children going to school and needing before and after care and we provide enrichment programs such as Spanish, Art, Yoga, Gardening and Soccer

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