Let Your Child Bring An Item From Home

Spending time away from home can be extremely difficult for small children. If you want to make going to daycare easier for your child, you need to think about letting them bring a familiar item from home. This item can be things like stuffed animals or a favorite hat. Allowing your child to take this […]

Familiarize Your Child With Group Settings

Being an only child has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are raising an only child, it will be hard to expose them to the dynamic of a group. Having to compete for attention with other children can be overwhelming for a child that lacks socialization. Providing your child with plenty of group exposure is […]

Start Building Routines At An Early Age

Most young children seem to thrive in a structured environment. Daycares have to provide a structured environment to avoid behavioral and learning issues. If a child has never been exposed to a daily routine, they will not do well at first in a new daycare. Rather than putting your child at a disadvantage, you need […]

How to Ensure Your Child Has a Great Daycare Experience

GMS promotes inner discipline, self-assurance and preference for purposeful activity that allow the child to self-construct the true human personality. Over 4.5 million children attend some form of daycare in the United States. If you are the parent of an infant or toddler, you know how hard it can be to leave them in another’s […]