About Us

Greater Montessori School (GMS) is a culturally diverse community of lifelong learners offering a strong academic curriculum based on the Montessori philosophy of fostering self-esteem, independence, empathy, and social consciousness. We firmly believe that all individuals possess curiosity about the world and the best education transforms that curiosity into passionate and sustained intellectual pursuit.

We are committed to providing a nurturing and accepting atmosphere and a self-directed prepared environment that challenges students to reach beyond their current grasp. Through our curriculum, we focus on striking a balance between theoretical and practical learning for our students. Diversity is one of our fundamental core values. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and embrace each person’s beliefs, experiences, values, and perspectives in support of our inclusive and welcoming community.

Greater Montessori School strives to instill in our students a continuous desire for personal excellence in a complex and ever-changing world. We know that learning can be transformative through supportive and affirming educators.

Vision 1

Our Vision for Our Students to be:

  • Safe, happy, self-motivated, and excited about learning
  • Kind and helpful to others
  • Respectful, responsible, and accepting of differences
  • Caring towards living things and the environment
  • Able to articulate their needs and meet their full academic potential.
  • Independent, inquisitive, and self-directed

Our Vision for our teachers to be:

  • Caring, loving and effective in their work with children, fellow staff and parents
  • Loyal to one another, to our school and to the Montessori philosophy
  • Role models who are positive, energetic, and excited to serve every day.
  • Dedicated to their own personal and professional growth.
  • Respectful, kind, and able to communicate their needs on behalf of the children.
  • Contributing and creative members of the whole school team
  • Able to place the well-being of children first and function as strong advocates for children.
Image Teachers 2
Vision Parent 1

Our Vision for our parents to be:

  • Willing to believe in their child and show faith in their innate ability.
  • Supportive of the Montessori philosophy and committed to our staff and school community.
  • Motivated to learn and grow as caregivers and open to feedback and recommendations.
  • Involved in their child’s education and schooling.
  • Able to communicate their needs on behalf of their child’s learning.

“The greatest gifts that we can give our children are roots of responsibility and the wings of independence”

- Dr. Maria Montessori