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A Message from Head of the School

Jipsy Shukla Bhatt

Ms. Jipsy Shukla Bhatt serves as the Head of School for Greater Montessori School at our Columbia location. Ms. Bhatt brings close to couple decades of extensive experience in educational administrative leadership, teachers training, educational organizational consulting, and curriculum enhancement.

With a Master’s degree in Cell Biology and Genetics Ms. Bhatt started her career as a Research Associate at University of Toronto to soon discover that she was born for something else. She quickly found her lost passion while working with young children in Montessori environment. She have always worked with young children ever since. She recently acquired her masters in educational leadership and have worked for schools in India, Canada and United States. She has created our much appreciated tag line “Real Education is the freedom to absorb & learn” which she strongly believes in.

As a strong believer of professional learning communities; she is a lifelong learner herself and is committed to help students and teachers achieve their life goals.